Max has been continuously expanding its agriculture products business in whole over the world. Max has launched world’s first manual tape binding tool called “TAPENER” in 1969 and it has been renowned handy tool for nursery, vegetable, fruit and wine farmers as Max brand. MAX is recognized by customers as the original and top-quality manufacturer.

The World’s first tape binding tool, TAPENER has been developed in 1969.

Since after Max has launched TAPENER, our innovation has spread out to all over the world and other companies has started manufacturing tape binging tool based on our original TAPENER products.

In 2017, we have launched new generation of TAPENER called “HT-R” series. It mounts completely different mechanism and Max could archive to reduce clinching force by 50% thanks to our experience developing TAPENER since 1969 as original manufacturer and research what customers require. Specially, our research keeps us close to our customer's needs by having members of our product planning division and R&D staff actually visit customers using our TAPENER, seriously consider ways to improve their satisfaction, and grasp new functions which can be used for the innovation.

We will deliver superior MAX products to the entire world and aim to put a smile on the face of all the people who use our products.