MAX's unique stapling mechanism enables precise and light stapling.

Tooth shape driver (Staple driving plate)

Prevents deformation by pushing just above the staple legs with micro-supports on right and left sides.
The driving plate precisely guards both shoulders of the staple, applying concentrated force from above prevents deformation of the slender staple.

Staple holder & staple guide

The plate spring supports the bottom of the staple arch and prevents deformation.
Prevent deformation and staple ejections by holding the staple which is pushed by the driving plate.

Double-stage clincher

By adopting two angles on the receiving surface, staples are caught with certainty.

The mechanism clinches the staple, even when the entry angle changes due to the thickness of the document.

Special fine staple for Vaimo series

No.11 staples enable light stapling feeling and a smart impression on the document
because the diameter of No.11 staples is finer than 24/6 & 26/6.

Product Lineup


Flat Clinch Compact Heavy-duty Stapler

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Flat Clinch Vaimo11 Stapler

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