MAX Electric Wire & Panel Marking Solutions

With the combination of the CPM system and LETATWIN machine, MAX provides a wide range of solutions for electric wire marking and panel marking. With MAX systems you can create your own marking materials anytime, on demand and in house. LETATWIN machine can improve your tube marking projects with our stunning printing speed and unique "Half-Cut" technology. The versatile CPM cutting and printing machine creates your label designs and cuts them to any size or shape, making it your solution for wrap-around tags, arc flash warnings, product specification placards, and much more!

4 inch Wide Sign and Label Printing & Cutting Machine

MAX CPM-100HG5 4 inch wide sign and label printing and cutting machine combines thermal print and vinyl-cutting technology, together with our tried and tested software. With its high resolution 400dpi printing capability and free shape cutting technology, you can create your own marking labels easily in house.

Solution by LM550A/PC
Electronic Tube and Tape Lettering Machine

LM550A/PC Half-cut Round Tubing Solution

Round tubing for wire marking may be a less familiar method than heat shrink or wrap around, but with the MAX LETATWIN half-cut technology, productivity for tube wire marking is significantly increased. It does not require heaters, scissors or screwdrivers. Just pull apart the half-cut tubing by hand, and insert the wire to make your excellent marker!

4 inch Wide Sign and Label Printing & Cutting Machine

  • Highly durable labels (Resin ribbon is melted on to a softened plastic base using “Thermal Transfer” printing technology).
  • 400 dpi multi & full color print
  • Integrated plotter cutter cuts any shape or size of labels
  • 5 year printer warranty.

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Tubing and Tape Printing Machine

  • Enhanced feeding system that provides you with marking speed at 40mm/sec.
  • Unique "Half-cut" function allows you to carry printed consecutive tubing which can be separated individually by hand.

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