MAX Powerlite compressor gives you a new experience.

MAX Powerite compressor can create high compressed air up to 34 bar with 2 cylinders. MAX Powerlite compressor is just 16.2 kg but air contained in a tank is equivalent with 292.4L of air. The larger model is still 23.3 kg with 731 L of air which is easily able to operate 130mm nails without any problem.
Thanks to high compressed air, air compressor could get compact and light which means it provides you a capability to bring them even to the roof.

Flexibility for voltage and temperature

MAX Powerlite compressor mounts inverter control engine enables to operate the motor in unstable voltage circumstance as electric supply in a construction site may not be stable and conventional compressor without inverter control engine may not work. The compressor works wider voltage such as from 140V to 265V. Also inverter control engine gives you an additional benefit that it could make compressor work in cold temperature from – 20℃.

1000 hours maintenance-free

MAX Powerlite compressor mounts DC brushless motor and unique design of pistons. The piston parts are designed to have high dimensional accuracy and have high wear resistance which makes us possible to create a compressor with “1000 hours maintenance free”.

Customizable as you like

MAX Powerlite compressor AKHL1260E is handy compressor which is able to be carried to the roof easily. If you like more air capacity for heavy work, you can just connect 3 tanks (optional item) which makes 21.5L tank volume from 8.6L. Tanks of AKHL1260EX can be also removable and make it lighter to carry it. In addition, MAX Powerlite compressor AKHL1260E/EX series are able to be connected to MAX Powerlite compressor, AKHL1260E, AKHL1250E and AKHL1230E as well which provides you extra pumping power to make high compressed air in a short time.