The MAX SN438J SuperLocator is a professional grade pneumatic metal connector nailer that drives metal connector nails that are 1-1/2 in. L, 0.131 to 0.148 Dia. The SN438J is great for strapping, fastening joist hangers, seismic and hurricane ties, rafter ties, post bases and caps, foundation anchors, and other metal framing hardware.


1) Precision Placement Nose

2) Heavy Duty Driver Blade

The nose design exposes the nail tip to allow the precise placement of fasteners into connector holes. A denser driver blade provides 1.7 times more durability than competitive tools.



3) Beefed-up Contact Arm

4) Heavy Duty Rafter Hook

Thicker contact arm provides greater protection from breakage due to nail jams and accidental dropping of the tool. The heavy duty adjustable rafter hook rotates 270° and allows the tool to be hung on rafters and joists when it's not in use.



5) Maintenance-Free End Cap Filter

6) Easy Twist Air Deflector

The patented, self-cleaning maintenance-free end cap filter captures foreign substances before they can enter the tool and automatically ejects them when the air hose is disconnected. Air deflector cap rotates 360° to divert exhaust air away from the user.



7) Anti-double Fire Nose

8) Anti-dry Fire Mechanism

An extruded metal tip prevents a 2nd nail from accidentally being shot when the 1st nail is firmly pressed against the wood surface. The tool automatically stops operation when the nail level is low to prevent dry fires.




  • Lightweight and well-balanced at 5.0 lbs
  • Drives 1-1/2" x .131" or .148" fasteners
  • Operating Pressure 70 PSI to 120 PSI
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturer defects


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